Torquay and Charlie from Glamour Girls

I have been checking back through my blogs and see I must have become a hermit. No escorts since August. I don’t count Reading Festival as my company for Reading was a friend. A good friend, alas we live so far apart.

Last week I was away for two nights down in Torquay, at first I thought I would not meet up with an escort, but as soon as I booked into the hotel my mind changed. I logged into Adultwork. Nice German lady, who must have updated her profile minutes before took prime place in my list. Tried to book her, no phone number and no response while I went to find a cash machine.

Now I was getting frustrated, so funny that once I had started on this mission, I had to complete it. I started to look at the escort directory Found very few escorts in Torquay, most were in Plymouth. Is Plymouth too far for an escort to travel on a late whim booking? Then I looked at agencies in the directory, one cropped up called Glamour Girls. They travel to Torbay and Torquay. I rang them. A very polite and well spoken lady receptionist answered the phone, suggested Charlie for Torquay and told me it would be an hour or so before she could arrive.

She rang back on my hotel phone to check I was there and said Charlie would be with me by 11.15. I am glad they were taking security seriously. Charlie confirmed she liked working for this agency and felt safe with the security arrangements what were made for her.

11.15 came and there was a soft knock on the door, and in came Charlie, looking very slim, tall and sexy in her black number. Out came candles from a big business case, lights in the room adjusted and then some conversation.

She was chatty, happy and sexy. We had sex, oral mainly and she did seem to enjoy my tongue. She was very much into kissing as well.

All too soon my time was up and she left. I slept very well that night.

This punt was terrific, it was badly organised by me, left far too late.  It all though turned out very very well.  I had fallen on my feet, I had selected a reputable agency and had been sent a beautiful woman to share an hour with.  What a date I had.

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